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STAR Tasmania boosts disability service provision with Hitachi VeinID

STAR Tasmania Boosts Disability Service Provision with Hitachi VeinID

STAR Tasmania changes the lives of more than 250 Tasmanians with a disability every year through various support services including group housing to enable people to live in the community.

With more than 16 sites, STAR provides supported accommodation solutions to Tasmanians with disabilities and their families, in addition to respite services and other daytime and overnight support for people and their loved ones who are in need of immediate support.

However, like many not-for-profit organisations, STAR Tasmania is always looking for additional funding and better ways to manage its resources.

By acquiring the Hitachi VeinID systems, this important service provider has managed to reduce costs associated with managing human resources.

View short video clips throughout this case study about STAR Tasmania and their partnership with Hitachi Australia and Showing how Hitachi Finger Vein Scanners have enabled significant cost savings and improved security and services for this disability services provider. (2min, 05s).

Challenge: Paper-based human resources management

Challenge: Consolidating Australia’s research data

With tight-margins and a manual, inefficient and laborious rostering system, STAR Tasmania was losing time they could have spent supporting their clients.

Solution: Choose Hitachi VeinID for secure and accurate method of user authentication

Solution: Choose Hitachi for stability, safety and scalability

STAR Tasmania implemented Hitachi Vein Scanners to provide more accurate and reliable method of user authentication and security.

Result: Save more in human resources costs and more time to support people

Result: A consolidated research database to facilitate life-saving research

STAR Tasmania has saved over $100,000 per year with the use of Hitachi Vein Scanners through time savings and error reduction.

Next Dream: An opportunity to innovate and new ways to use the Hitachi infrastructure

Next Dream: Big data brings new solutions to complex problems

Continue the technology “revolution” within the organisation that will ultimately improve the lives of the people that STAR supports.

STAR Tasmania

STAR Tasmania is a specialised, community based organisation providing Accommodation, in home, Community Access, Case Management and Respite Services for people with disabilities. STAR Tasmania was established in July 2009 following the amalgamation of established community accommodation support agencies, Supported Housing Inc and Star Tasmania Inc. STAR took over the operation of another not for profit residential organisation, Tranquillity Base Inc, in December the same year.

STAR Tasmania is a not-for-profit organisation in Tasmania

Ralph Doedens, STAR Tasmania CEO

“The Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication System has definitely given us much more time and ability to support people with disabilities. It’s improved the quality of their lives, so it’s actually contributed to the cause.”

Ralph Doedens,
STAR Tasmania, CEO