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Hitachi in Oceania

Solution: Engaging students with Hitachi interactive solutions


In order to meet the school’s three year plan, Patterson Lakes has now installed over 30 Hitachi Starboards and ultra short throw data projectors.

The school has also introduced the Hitachi Verdict Plus Interactive Response System in its classrooms. "These are small individual handheld devices where the children can immediately vote and respond to the teaching and learning environment," said Monique. "This encourages whole classroom participation and enables us to immediately test or gauge a classroom response to questions using a wide variety of formats." With Hitachi’s Interactive Response System, the teachers can choose to make answers anonymous, or enable students to see how well they are doing in response to others. Answers can then be transferred, collected and analysed for further reference.

The School has also introduced an interactive projector enabling it to turn virtually any wall into an optimum interactive surface, furthering the learning experience.

In this video: Monique Corcoran discusses the seamless implementation of interactive technologies at Patterson Lakes Primary School (1min, 13s).

Why Hitachi?

There were a number of components that Monique Corcoran wished to focus on when deciding on a partner - specifically expertise, quality products and people skills.

"From the moment we met the first person through to who we currently work with on technical support and product advisors, we know that we have got the right product."

In this video: Monique Corcoran explains why Hitachi were the partner of choice (55s).

On the next page, we look at the benefits the Hitachi products have brought to Patterson Lakes Primary School.

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