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Hitachi in Oceania

Result: A more inspiring and highly motivational learning experience


There are a number of benefits that the Hitachi products have brought to Patterson Lakes Primary School. "Some of these benefits are related to the engagement of the students in the classroom," said Monique. "It is indisputable that a classroom with an interactive whiteboard is far more engaging than a classroom without.

"Another advantage is the ownership within the classroom. The teacher is now a facilitator of learning and the student has more ownership within the learning experience. From a school perspective we are far more conscious and progressive in meeting the educational needs of our students."

View short video clips throughout this case study from Monique Corcoran, Curriculum and Innovations Coordinator at Patterson Lakes Primary School (1min, 41s).

Looking Ahead

The next phase that Patterson Lakes Primary School is embarking on is in regards to strengthening student voice and personalised learning. According to Monique, the Hitachi Interactive Response System does so naturally and provides real time feedback for teachers to ensure that what they have taught, the students have understood.

"My ultimate dream is to work within a school where interactive technologies are maximised in a purposeful and authentic manner; enabling students to think more widely and globally, in preparing them to be lifelong technological learners."

Monique Corcoran, Curriculum and Innovations Coordinator at Patterson Lakes Primary School

On a personal note, I was always confident in the decision we made to go with Hitachi, but I could never have imagined the huge benefits that our school has gained and I look forward to our partnership continuing long into the future.

Monique Corcoran, Curriculum and Innovations Coordinator at Patterson Lakes Primary School

About Patterson Lakes Primary School

Established in 1979, Patterson Lakes Primary School is located in the residential corridor between the Frankston Freeway and Port Phillip Bay, 33km SSE of the Melbourne CBD in Victoria. Its increasing enrolment of 675 students participate in a comprehensive curriculum that allows them to be actively involved in their learning, enhancing knowledge, skills acquisition and retention, and promoting positive attitudes and values.

  • Location: Patterson Lakes, Victoria

Hitachi Digital Presentation Solutions

Hitachi Digital Presentation Solutions offers a range of interactive digital presentation solutions that can be combined to create a tailored solution for our users’ individual requirements. Our suite of products including interactive projectors, interactive whiteboards, data projectors, interactive tables and plasma overlays, offer the ability to create an engaging and productive boardroom or classroom, facilitating the communication of ideas and knowledge more clearly and effectively than ever.


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