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Hitachi in Oceania

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Hitachi pioneered the concept of what are today commonly know as Ultra Short Throw projectors. Using a series of mirrors and some clever engineering we were able to produce a projector which solved three fundamental challenges for educators and presenters everywhere:

  1. Eliminate eye glare: Standing in front of a room, addressing an audience also means being in direct path of a projector light beam, not the best idea for people who need to do this regularly. An ultra short throw projector places you in front of the light beam, meaning no sore eyes anymore!
  2. Decrease screen shadows: Similarly when a presenter gestures to visual content or interacts with the image, traditional projectors would cast a large shadow across the screen, blocking the content. Ultra short throw projectors solve this problem by creating a relatively shadow free area around the content you’re gesturing or interacting with.
  3. Small rooms, large images: Typically, a small room was doomed to every only be able to have a tiny image if projection was required. However with an ultra short throw projector, that is no longer the case. A Hitachi ultra short throw projector can produce an 80” screen size from less than 55cm from the screen.

There are five models to choose from so you’re bound to be spoiled for choice.


CPAX2505 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Whether you’re in the business of learning or instructing, you’ll appreciate the superlative qualities of the latest in Ultra Short Throw technology.

XGA Resolution, 2700 Lumens


Every bit the performance with that extra boost in brightness, ideal for those slightly brighter rooms.

XGA Resolution, 3,300 Lumens
CPAX3005 Ultra Short Throw Projector


CPAX3505 Ultra Short Throw Projector

When brightness is the upmost priority, the CPAX3505 will be sure to satisfy.

XGA Resolution, 3,600 Lumens


Widescreen format affords greater image real estate, higher resolution and a more natural viewing experience.

WXGA Resolution, 2,700 Lumens
CPAW2505 Ultra Short Throw Projector


CPAW3005 Ultra Short Throw Projector

The CPAW3005 with an extra boost in brightness. Ideal for those slightly brighter rooms.

WXGA Resolution, 3,300 Lumens


The CPAW3506 with extra brightness provides vivid images in bright classrooms and meeting rooms.

WXGA Resolution, 3,700 Lumens
CPAW3506 Ultra Short Throw Projector
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