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 5 easy ways technology can help cultivate classroom confidence

16th August 2017

5 easy ways technology can help cultivate classroom confidence

Confidence built in the classroom doesn’t just stay in the classroom — it extends to other areas of a child’s life, and helps lay the foundations for healthy self-esteem. But while the more outgoing members of the class are flourishing, how can the quieter ones be coaxed out of their shells? Here are five ways technology can increase classroom confidence.


 Latest Case Studies


15th January 2017

Museum of Brisbane Case Study

Museum of Brisbane

Hitachi helps to bring 100% Brisbane innovative project to life

Find out more about how Hitachi DPS helps Museum of Brisbane creating rich and dynamic experiences that enlighten and educate their visitors.


Classroom Tech: 5 Strategies for Smarter Investments

5th July 2017

Classroom Tech: 5 Strategies for Smarter Investments

Investing in classroom tech can be a potential minefield. You’re buying something that has the ability to transform your students’ learning — yet with technology rapidly evolving, and new equipment on the market every day, establishing the ideal way to use your budget can be daunting.


 LPWU3500 LED Projector Receives “Road Test Certified” Distinction from Projector Central

LED projectors

23rd March 2017

“Quite simply, the Hitachi LP-WU3500’s combination of image quality, quiet operation, brightness, reliability, and setup flexibility adds up to a solid value and an impressive choice for a variety of applications. We are happy to give it our Road Test Certified award and logo.”

Why Choose LED? Introducing the World’s First 3500 Lumen LED Projector

16th January 2017

LED projectors - LPWX3500/WU3500

Hitachi’s new Ultra Solid Engine Projector is the result of decades of technical experience and knowledge all coming together to produce an LED Projector with high quality images, maintenance free and low total cost of ownership.


Hitachi announces Museum of Brisbane sponsorship deal

Museum of Brisbane

26th September 2016

Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd is proud to announce its three-year sponsorship deal with Museum of Brisbane, as Technology Partner of the new exhibition 100% Brisbane.

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