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Hitachi in Oceania

Case Studies

Read one of the many stories on how Hitachi has helped in real life situations.

Museum of Brisbane

Museum of Brisbane Case Study

Hitachi helps to bring 100% Brisbane innovative project to life

Museum of Brisbane is located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. As the city’s dedicated museum, it features a number of galleries and exhibitions that examine the evolution of Queensland’s capital city and its people.

Find out more about how Hitachi DPS helps Museum of Brisbane creating rich and dynamic experiences that enlighten and educate their visitors.

New Way of Learning

Education Digital Presentation Solutions Case Study

Engaging in a New Way of Learning - Patterson Lakes Primary School

Patterson Lakes was looking to utilise its technology to change the way that its teaches taught and to make the classroom a more fun and engaging environment for its students. Hitachi Australia helped to make this vision a reality by deploying a number of interactive whiteboards and projectors, as well as the Verdict Plus Response System in the classrooms, bringing significant benefits to the learning and teaching process.

Education Case Studies

Corporate Case Studies

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