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Hitachi in Oceania

Particle Therapy Solution

Why Hitachi Particle Beams System and its benefits

  • Technology for saving people from cancer while maintaining their daily life - Prioritizing patients' QOL first, Hitachi provides cancer treatment solutions which are less invasive and with lower radiation exposure. Together with medical institutions, we aim for treatments which are less painful and require fewer hospital visit.
  • Diversity of treatment methods - Hitachi offers proton, heavy-ion and hybrid therapy system, which can irradiate multiple ion species, so medical institutions can select the best treatment for various types of cancer.
  • System design from the perspective of medical staff - An automated and efficient treatment workflow contributes to operational efficiency including less stress on the medical staff. Hitachi provides a system that can be operated with a small number of medical staff.
  • High System Availability - Based on the many years of experience since 1994, Hitachi has provided the maintenance services to systems with the high uptime so that medical staff can focus on treatment.
  • Sustainability-conscious product design - Hitachi particle therapy system is designed with low radiation immittance and with low energy efficiency, carrying out social activities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Pursuit of reliability - In addition to complying with all necessary safety standards and guidelines, our know-how in mission critical system is ingrained in our system design to ensure the reliable treatment for all patients.
  • Digital Solution Service for Cancer Care - Utilizing treatment prognosis information, we aim to promote the development of digital solutions that support the selection of treatment methods suitable for individual patients in order to improve patients’ QOL.
  • Network - An annual meeting among our users is held and is a place where users share their clinical and physics experience and discuss continuous improvement for patient care.

What is Particle Therapy?

What is Particle Therapy?

The effectiveness of cancer treatment using particle beams such as proton beams and carbon-ion beams has been known in the field of medical physics for more than 70 years. The feature of particle therapy is to utilize the dose concentration called Bragg peak. By irradiating the lesion location with the aligned Bragg peak, the dose concentration is focused on the lesion leading to minimal side effect on the surrounding healthy tissues.

PROBEAT Series Proton Therapy System

Proton Therapy System PROBEAT Series

Hitachi’s Real-time image Gating system for Proton Therapy (RGPT) is an innovation that enables an accurate high dose beam delivery to moving tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

HyBEAT Heavy-ion Therapy System

HyBEAT Heavy-ion Therapy System

Heavy-ion is said to have a better dose concentration than proton, with 2-3 times greater in killing effect on cancer cells. This effect can reduce the number of fractions and shorten the treatment period.

Hybrid Particle Therapy System

Hybrid Particle Therapy System

Hitachi provides a Hybrid particle therapy system which can irradiate both proton and carbon-ion from one accelerator.

Corporate / Office Profile

Corporate / Office Profile
Corporate / Office Name Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd
Address Suite 801, Level 8, 123, Epping Road, North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia
Tel +61 2 9888 4100 or 1800 HITACHI
Fax +61 2 9888 4188