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GeoMation* Agriculture Information Management System (AIMS)

As attention turns to sustainable energy and production, Hitachi have looked at ways in which technological advancements can redefine the way the world’s biggest industries are run, managed – and monitored.

What is GeoMation* Agriculture Information Management System?

Praise for Hitachi technology

GeoMation* Agriculture Information Management System (AIMS) is developed in response to customers who want to apply Information Technology to agriculture. It works by linking to map data by applying the GIS (Geographic Information System) technology from Hitachi Solutions. This system was introduced to Agricultural Cooperative Association, the Agricultural Mutual Relief Association, and food-related companies. Hitachi’s goal is to solve various problems in agriculture areas such as food safety and security, soil fertilising, farmland liquidity, and promote regional and agricultural development.

How GeoMation Agriculture Information Management System works?

GeoMation AIMS enables you to use the following functions singly or in combination.

Farm Field and Soil Information Management System


Farm Field and Soil Information Management System

Used to unite the management of various farmland-related information on crops, cultivators, occurrence of agricultural pests, and soil analysis, utilising the map data.

Traceability Management System


Traceability Management System

Used to check the amount, timing, and frequency for use of agrichemicals, to determine the appropriate criteria by component comparison, utilising the agrichemical database.

Growth Forecast and Eating Quality Analysis System


Growth Forecast and Eating Quality Analysis System

Used to analyse the growth of wheat, protein content of paddy rice, and others. Managing the analysed results for every farm field to optimise the timing and procedure for cropping with this system enables you to reduce the drying energy and improve the cropping work efficiency, thereby reducing CO2.

Fertilisation Design System


Fertilisation Design System

Used to support optimum fertilisation design suitable to the soil, crops, and region, using various data including soil data, crops, soil texture, and regional fertilisation criteria.

Advantages of GeoMation AIMS

The GeoMation AIMS can be used to manage and utilise information for each piece of field; including crops, staff, the record of fertilizer and other agricultural chemical usage. Yield and quality. in addition, satellite images can be used to forecast wheat growth and analyze the protein content of the grain.

The system's benefits include:

satellite imaging analysis

Energy Savings

Satellite image analysis provides a visual indication of the best time to harvest wheat, rice, and other crops.

Efficient use of the combined efforts of harvesters, tractors and other machineries can be determined in order to save on fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, there is the possibility of saving energy by approximately 53% due to a reduction in office work, such as data management and the preparation of documents.

Optimising Chemical Use

Optimising Chemical Use

GeoMation AIMS regulates the quantity, frequency and timing of agricultural chemical use to determine if they are being utilised appropriately.

Additionally, to ensure an optimum level of agricultural chemical application, a message appears to alert the user when an excess is applied.

By optimising agricultural chemical usage, GeoMation AIMS supports measures to ensure food safety and security, along with a bountiful harvest of agricultural produce.

Effective Use of Resources

Effective Use of Resources

Creating a database of land, crops, fertiliser, agricultural chemicals, and other essential agricultural resources enables them to be utilised to their maximum potential.

An example of this is if a wheat field is switched to grow cabbage, appropriate soil preparation is necessary. GeoMation AIMS determines the appropriate type and quantity of fertiliser to use based on the soil conditions, crop and the stage of growth.

This ensures effective use of the land by converting the land that is unsuitable for a particular crop to grow something different rather than leaving it uncultivated.

* GeoMation® is a registered trade mark of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd in Japan

Corporate / Office Profile

Corporate / Office Profile
Corporate / Office Name Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd
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Fax +61 2 9888 4188
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