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Hitachi in Oceania



Our goal is an enriched society with ubiquitous information. Hitachi contributes to the development of information lifelines by offering reliable, high-performance advanced platform technologies and solutions.

Digital Presentation Solutions

Data Projectors

picture : Data Projectors

The new generation of projectors from Hitachi meets the diverse needs of business people and educators. With Ultra Short Throw technology on selected models, they offer unparalleled clarity and brightness, coupled with industry leading practicality, portability and ease of use. Offering a range of security features to combat theft in busy environments, Hitachi projectors can be connected quickly to the corporate or campus network, streamlining maintenance and enhancing the user experience. Hitachi's extensive range of data projectors are ideal for your business presentations and general use. Hitachi data projectors will help you to make smart and smooth presentations.


picture : StarBoards (Interactive Whiteboards)

Hitachi's StarBoard line - interactive tablets and whiteboards - delivers the highest quality of products at attractive and competitive prices offering users a selection of powerful tools for meetings, training and conferencing for business and education. They include a range of hardware configurations to fit all presentation, education and communication budgets and room environments.

Every StarBoard includes the most advanced presentation software available - the StarBoard suite of software. Easy to learn and install, it is feature-rich, fully customisable and is designed to help the user become confident with the whiteboard within minutes.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays (iFPD)

picture : Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Experience the freedom and simple efficiency of running your next lesson, meeting or presentation using an interactive LED backlit, LCD display. This 65 inch display will form the centre piece of even the most aesthetic spaces while providing you with an incredibly useful and engaging way to run your sessions. The panel uses integrated infra red sensors to detect contact with the screen and gives you the unique ability to control your computer by touching the image.

What's more, it's available with an optional built in PC, which eliminates the need for connecting to any external sources, simply walk in, turn it on and use, to experience the most effective and engaging presentations, lessons or team brainstorming you've ever been a part of.

Business Security

Vein ID


Hitachi's VeinID Biometric Authentication technology is one of the most advanced biometric identification technologies. Hitachi's Finger Vein attesting technology identifies finger vein patterns that exist inside the human body, eliminating tampering while increasing reliability and security and, as everyone's finger vein pattern is individual, it provides an ideal identification method without being intrusive.

Data Systems & Information Technologies, Services and Solutions

Data Systems

picture : Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems builds superior information technology and services to help you store, manage, access, search, and correlate your information across different sources. With the right information in the right places, your experts make the right decisions to uncover new opportunities. Our strategy helps you discover, analyse, and use data for new competitive advantage.

Storage Media

picture : Storage Media

Maxell offers large capacity, higher performance tape products ideal for backup and archival applications.