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Projector Quick Connection

Projector Quick Connection

Projector Quick Connection is an application that projects image files, document files, and web pages from an iPad™ onto a Hitachi LCD Projector by transferring them through a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).

Control Projector by iPad

Main Functions 

Remote Control of the Projector

You can use an iPad to easily control the projector allowing you to have a smooth presentation.

Control Projector by iPad

[Functions that can be Controlled Remotely]

-Standby/On   -Input   -Volume   -Audio Mute   -Blank   -Freeze

Project Image Files, Document Files, and Web Pages 

From the "Contents" tab in Projector Quick Connection, you can project image files, document files, and web screenshots onto a Hitachi LCD Projector.

1. Project Images
Projector Quick Connection imports images from the iPad Camera Roll and projects them onto a Hitachi LCD Projector.

Projected images from iPad

2. Project Document Files
You can project a variety of document files onto a Hitachi LCD Projector. (View specifications) There are multiple methods available to add files to Projector Quick Connection - adding files using iTunes®; using Dropbox®or Evernote®to import files; or importing files from a mail attachment.

Projected images from iTunes or Dropbox

3. Project Websites
You can project websites onto a Hitachi LCD Projector. You can also save bookmarks of frequently visited sites and easily open those sites. Furthermore, if you do not want your audience to see you searching through a site, you can use the Blank button to turn off the projector display and turn it back on once you are ready to show your audience the results.

Project Websites


4. Display Mode
You can split the screen into 4 parts and simultaneously project up to 4 iPads and computers from the Display Mode in the Projection Quick Connection Option Settings tab.

the screen into 4 parts and simultaneously project up to 4 iPads and computers

[Files that can be Projected]

- Microsoft® Word (.doc, .docx)
- Microsoft® Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
- Microsoft® PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
- Pages (.pages)
- Numbers (.number)
- Keynote (.key)
- PDF (.pdf)
- JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg)
- PNG (.png)

Compatible Devices and Connection Settings (as of August 2012)

Compatible Devices 

    • Application
    • Compatible Devices
    • Compatible OS version
  • Application
    Projector Quick Connection (Free)
    Compatible Devices

    iPad, iPad2, New iPad

    Compatible OS version

    iOS 5.1.1 or later

[LCD Projectors]

The separately sold optional USB wireless adaptor (USB-WL-11N) is required for use.

USB wireless adaptor(USB-WL-11N)

Classroom and Conference
Room Series

- CP-X2015WN
- CP-X2515WN
- CP-X3015WN
- CP-X4015WN
- CP-WX2515WN
- CP-WX3015WN

Installation Series
- CP-X8150
- CP-X8160
- CP-WX8240
- CP-WX8255
- CP-WU8440
- CP-WU8450

Portable Series
- CP-X3021WN
- CP-X2521WN

Ultra Short Throw Series
- CP-A222WN

Other Series
- CP-SX8350
- CP-X2021WN
- CP-X2514WN
- CP-X3014WN
- CP-X4014WN
- CP-WX3014WN


Operating Environment

1. Configuring Wi-Fi

Projector Quick To connect a Hitachi LCD Projector to Projector Quick Connection, the iPad and Hitachi projector must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
Also, the optional USB wireless adapter (USB-WL-11N) must be plugged into the Hitachi LCD Projector.

Configuring an iPad Wi-Fi
Use the following instructions to connect an iPad to a Wi-Fi network.

On the Home screen, tap the "Settings" icon
Tap "Wi-Fi" and turn "Wi-Fi" on.
From "Choose a Network," select the network where the Hitachi LCD Projector is registered.

USB Wireless Adoptor(USB-WL-11N)

Configuring a Hitachi LCD Projector Wi-Fi
Use the following instructions to connect a Hitachi LCD Projector to a Wi-Fi network.

1. Plug the USB wireless adapter to the projector.

2. From the projector's "Network" -
 "Wireless LAN Settings," configure the settings.-

* For the wireless LAN settings, refer to the instruction manual.

Hitachi LCD Projectors support infrastructure and ad hoc modes.

Connecting with infrastructure and ad hoc modes

2.Connecting an iPad and Projector

Start Projector Quick Connection (PJ Connection) and an automatic search for Hitachi LCD Projectors is performed. You can also register a Hitachi LCD Projector manually by tapping the "+" button on the upper right corner.

Connecting an iPad and Projector

Using the Application for iPad 

Downloading the iOS version

You must download the dedicated application from the iTunes® App StoreSM.

App Store Icon

iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.
Dropbox is a trademark or registered trademark of Dropbox, Inc. in the United States.
Evernote is a trademark or registered trademark of Evernote Corporation in the United States.
iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.
App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Performance is not guaranteed on all models. Depending on the model, performance may be unstable or may not perform as expected.
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