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Hitachi in Oceania

Rail Projects

As a global engineering company which delivered railway products as a core business for over 90 years, Hitachi is one of the few suppliers in the world that can deliver all elements of the railway system allowing us to provide turn-key solutions. Our trains and technologies translate well into the Australian environment, and we’ve been an active participant in the Australian rail industry for more than 40 years.

This unique position not only allows us to deliver full rail system solutions but has enabled us to be successful when integrating our products with both external suppliers and legacy systems as our whole system approach enables us to have a full appreciation of the system interfaces regardless of the scope of our contract.

From experience, our trains and technologies translate well into the Australian environment. Hitachi has recent proven experience with supplying rail systems to Sydney Trains network as Hitachi provided the traction, electrical auxiliary and main power systems on the recent Waratah Train project, which is the newest train in Sydney Trains fleet. Hitachi is also supplying the same train systems on the Sydney Growth Trains project, which is currently being manufactured and tested. Hitachi has also provided traction, electrical and tilt train systems for Rockhampton and Cairns Tilt Trains for Queensland Rail and provides ongoing service and support.

For further information regarding Hitachi’s rail products, systems and capability please refer to the following link:

Corporate / Office Profile
Corporate / Office Name Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd
Address Suite 801, Level 8, 123, Epping Road, North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia
Tel +61 2 9888 4100 or 1800 HITACHI
Fax +61 2 9888 4188