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Hitachi in Oceania


Hitachi manufactures a range of lighting products including fluorescent tubes which range from general household grade to specialised medical use and various other applications. We also manufacture a range of LED office lighting and fixtures. LED lighting replicates the same brightness levels as standard fluorescent lighting however offer vastly reduced power consumption and greatly increased life which adds up to massive savings in both electrical utilities and replacement bulb costs.

Fluorescent Lighting

We offer all of the below types:

  • Standard Straight Tubes – Ideal for Retail, Office space and industrial applications.
  • T9 Fluorescent Circular – Suited to specific light fixtures of circular design, usually found within homes.
  • We also offer a range of straight tube fluorescent lights designed for specific applications such as:
    • Signage
    • Clean rooms
    • Fresh Food
    • Aquariums
    • Blacklight (incl ultraviolet only)
    • Germicidal – sterilises the air
    • Yellow fluorescent – for spaces where light sensitive material is being handled

LED Luminaire – low ceiling

Our low ceiling, LED luminaire lighting offers a huge range of options, including three types of fixtures, six types of lighting units and 6 colour temperature options, meaning we’re bound to have the option that’s just right for your environment.

LED lighting can offer up to 36% energy saving compared to an equivalent amount of fluorescent lamps. What’s more, LED are rated to last up to 3 times longer than fluorescent lamps. (up to 40,000hrs)

Fluorescent Lamp Fixture vs LED Luminaire
  Fluorescent Lamp Fixture Changeable LED Unit Luminaire
  Inverted Peak 32W x 2 lamps Type, High Output, Initial Illumination, Correction Surface Mounted, Inverted Peak Type, 7,200 lm, Initial Illuminance, Correction, Dimming
Quantity (Sets) 30 30 Same as Fluorescent's
Input Power* (W/Set) 75.0 47.8 Energy Saving 36%
Life of lighting source (h) 12,000 40,000 3 Times Longer

*This is the average figures in changing electric power by Initial Illuminance Correction.

For more information on the Hitachi range, download our brochure and contact Hitachi Australia for more information at the details below.

LED Luminaire – High Bay

Introducing our range of LED Luminaire lighting, designed specifically for industrial and/or commercial applications such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and for either exterior and interior use.

Our LED high-bay lighting is designed to replace both existing Metal Halide and Mercury lamps with a much more efficient, longer lasting and cost saving lamp.

Replacement of 1000W Class Metal Halide Lamps

Fluorescent Lamp Fixture vs LED Luminaire
  Metal Halide Lamp Fixture 43,800 lm Type
  1000W Type, Lamp: MF1000 L-C/BU, Reflector: MK10011 Middle Angle, Initial Illumination Correction Type, MTE441NN-J24
Quantity (Sets) 15 15 Same with metal Halide Lamp
Input Power (W/Set) 1,050.0 324* Save 69% energy comsumption
Average luminous flux(lx) 608 627 Brightness 103% approx.
Life of lighting source (h) 12,000 60,000 3 Times Longer

*This is the average figures in electric fluctuation by initial illumination correction.

Conditions of Estimated Calculation

This is comparison of Fixture used: 1000W class of Metal halide lamps fixture (Lamp: MF1000.L-C/BU Reflector: MK10011) (Energy consumption 1,050.0W, Average luminous flux 608 lx, Maintenance factor rating 0.47) x 15 sets used and LED High-bay luminaire 43,800 lm type, Middle angle, Initial illumination correction type MTE441NN-J24 (Average energy consumption 324.0W, Average luminous flux 627 lx, Maintenance factor rating 0.75) x 15 sets.

For more information on the Hitachi range, download our brochure and contact Hitachi Australia for more information at the details below.

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Corporate / Office Profile

Corporate / Office Profile
Corporate / Office Name Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd
Address Suite 801, Level 8, 123, Epping Road, North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia
Tel +61 2 9888 4100 or 1800 HITACHI
Fax +61 2 9888 4188

Sales Distributor

Sales Distributor
Business Name ANL Lighting
Address 5/97 Lewis Road, Wantirna Sth VIC 3152 Australia
Tel 1300 300 301