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Hitachi in Oceania

Power Tools

We’re one of the world’s leading power tool manufacturers and are constantly evolving our product range to adapt to mining, industrial or DIY users. With our focus on innovation over the last 100 years, we have an extensive range of high quality industrial power tools, outdoor power equipment and accessories.


Through constant innovation and product development, Hitachi are working to design tools which make the job at hand easier, less tiring and more importantly, safer for the end user. This focus is backed up with over 50 years of electro –mechanical research and development experience, allowing Hitachi to position itself as one of the world’s leading power tool manufacturers.

With immediate access to the latest advancements in metallurgy, motor design and electronics, Hitachi is at the forefront of adapting to changing markets with constant innovative product development and the ability to create new products for specific market opportunities whether it be mining, industrial or DIY.

The Environment

Based on an environmentally conscious culture, the Hitachi Group places great focus on minimising the environmental impact at each stage of a products lifecycle. The ultimate aim is to produce eco-products which meet strict assessment criteria, including weight reduction, resource recycling, energy efficiency and environmental conservation. Hitachi has a stringent quality control program in place which assures this superior level of design and workmanship.

Product Range

Hitachi offers a wide range of both electric and cordless products, including grinders, equipment, rotary hammers, circular saws and a full range of accessories. Hitachi also offers a range of outdoor power equipment.


Hitachi can be accredited with developing iconic products such as the H65SB2 Demolition Hammer which has dominated the market for over 30 years, introducing the first impact wrench in 1984 and releasing the first slide mitre compound saw in 1987. This dedication to innovation is constantly evolving, more recently leading the way with evolutionary brushless motors and 4.0Ah ultra high capacity batteries to take the market to the next technological level.


With a full trade warranty you can rest assured any Hitachi product will get the job done right the first time.

Case Studies

Skill Hire Case Study

Apprentices Geared up for Success - Skill Hire

Skill Hire specialise in the provision of induction and OHS staff training, supplying business with apprentices and trainees, and providing flexible staffing options for their clients from temporary to permanent employees. The business directly employs 150 staff to deliver a range of employment and training solutions to business and on any day will provide a flexible workforce of up to 1000 people to employers.

Find out more about how Hitachi partners with Skill Hire to provide a comprehensive range of the latest and most innovative trade tools and equipment for the training centre.

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