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Hitachi in Oceania



  • Powerful 2200W (Max) Motor
  • Strong Suction Power 490W
  • Dust Capacity 1.6L
  • Cyclonic
  • Smart Head
  • Carbon Light (One-Touch Zoom Pipe)
  • Grip Handle
  • Handy & Easy Remote Control
  • HEPA 13, Nano Titanium Filter & Exhaust Filter as Final Stage Filter
  • Fully Washable 1.6L Dust Canister with 50% Dust Compression & One Trigger Dust Disposal
  • One-Touch Swivel Brush
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • 3-Way Storage System for Neat & Compact Storage When Not In Use
  • 7-Stage Filtration Captures Finest Dust & Ensure Clean Exhaust Air
  • Twist-Free Hose
  • Available Colour :
    Rose Champagne Rose Champagne
  • Dimensions
    Length : 389mm
    Width : 278mm
    Height : 244mm
    Weight : 5.1Kg

Note: *The colours produced within this web site may not accurately represent the actual colours of our finished products. We always recommend viewing a finished product prior to purchasing.

Warranty and Features

3-year warranty vacuumallergynano titaniumDesign Award 2016

Key Features

High Power Motor up to 2300W
The high-power motor creates high suction power enabling cleaner, easier vacuuming.

Dust & Air Centrifugal Separation System
Airflow generated in the tube filter creates a powerful cyclone that efficiently separates dust and air to collect dust while maintaining airflow.

Dust & Air Centrifugal Separation System

Easy to Clean Filter & Dust Case
Hitachi's dust case and the filter, when it's dirty, can be washed with water. A dust disposal mechanism and maintenance brush are also included for easy cleaning and maintenance to keep the unit clean at all times.

Easy to Clean Filter

Clean Air with 7-Stage Filtration
Using Hitachi's cyclonic technology and the HEPA and Nano Titanium filters, the innovative 7-stage filtration system is designed to capture even the finest particles to ensure clean exhaust air.

7-Stage Filtration

Handy & Easy Remote Control (Infrared Remote Control)

Handy & Easy Remote Control (Infrared Remote Control)

For More Efficient Cleaning

More Efficient Cleaning

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