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Hitachi in Oceania



  • Powerful 2300W (Max) Motor
  • Strong Suction Power 430W
  • Dust Capacity 2.0L
  • Cyclonic
  • Smart Head
  • Carbon Light (One-Touch Zoom Pipe)
  • Grip Handle
  • Handy & Easy Remote Control
  • HEPA 13 & Nano Titanium Filter
  • Easy & Clean Dust Disposal
  • Power Beat Head
  • One-Touch Swivel Brush
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • Tool Holder
  • Soft and Large Wheels
  • Twist-Free Hose
  • Available Colour :
    Deer Red Metallic Deep Red Metallic
  • Dimensions
    Length : 422mm
    Width : 318mm
    Height : 362mm

Note: *The colours produced within this web site may not accurately represent the actual colours of our finished products. We always recommend viewing a finished product prior to purchasing.

Vacuum Cleaner Video

Warranty and Features

3-year warranty vacuumallergynano titaniumDesign Award 2016

Key Features

Smart Head Motorized Auto Drive Head

Smart Head

The newly developed head features a powerful motor and has been made more airtight to generate a high-speed air flow enabling powerful suction of dirt as well as wiping.

4-way Suction

Dust is vacuumed not only from the front side, but also from both sides and from the back. So every dust is captured even on the corner, and even when pulling back suction power remains strong.

Clean and Easy Dust Disposal

Clean Dust

Washable Dust Case

You can dismantle the dust case and wash all the parts separately with water to keep them clean.

Clean Exhaust Air

Clean Exhaust Air 01

Beat Head

Power Beat Head 02

Power Beat Head 01

The Electric Beater vibrates, and beats any form of fabrics or linens to remove and vacuum dust mites and other tiny particles. You can also detach the Beater and wash it with water after use to keep it clean.