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Read one of the many stories on how Hitachi has helped in real life situations.

Hitachi Data Systems

Intersect Case Study

Fostering Scientific Innovation With Intersect Australia

Through the partnership with HDS, Intersect is able to facilitate research collaboration in areas as vital and diverse as medical research, astrophysics, environmental modelling and monitoring, cultural heritage protection, and many others. Research data hosted on the Intersect facility is accessible through a secure multitenant content cloud that enables file sharing, databases and applications via a virtual portal on a Hitachi storage system.

Find out more about how Hitachi partners with Intersect to bring together complex heterogeneous data from different sources on a single, safe, searchable database.

Hitachi Power Tools

Skill Hire Case Study

Apprentices Geared up for Success - Skill Hire

Skill Hire specialise in the provision of induction and OHS staff training, supplying business with apprentices and trainees, and providing flexible staffing options for their clients from temporary to permanent employees. The business directly employs 150 staff to deliver a range of employment and training solutions to business and on any day will provide a flexible workforce of up to 1000 people to employers.

Find out more about how Hitachi partners with Skill Hire to provide a comprehensive range of the latest and most innovative trade tools and equipment for the training centre.

Data Systems & Storage Solutions

CUA Case Study

Improving Reliability, Performance & Data Security - Credit Union Australia

The Credit Union Australia (CUA) is Australia's largest customer-owned financial institution, providing banking products and services to over 400,000 customers. CUA partnered with Hitachi to upgrade its datacentre systems, using the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform.

Find out more about how Hitachi's solutions have safeguarded against disaster situations and enabled CUA's sustainable growth.

Construction Machinery

NRW Civil & Mining Case Study

Unrivalled Productivity in Mining - NRW Middlemount

NRW Civil and Mining are contracted to provide mining services at the Middlemount Coal Mine in Australia's north. With an initial objective to mine 2.8 million tonnes of coal and move 32 million cubic metres of overburden a year, the operation is now expanding. NRW are expanding their fleet of Hitachi excavators and dump trucks to meet demand. See how Hitachi's product improvements and maintenance program are improving productivity for NRW.

Digital Presentation Solutions

Education Digital Presentation Solutions Case Studies

Engaging in a New Way of Learning - Patterson Lakes Primary School

Patterson Lakes was looking to utilise its technology to change the way that its teaches taught and to make the classroom a more fun and engaging environment for its students. Hitachi Australia helped to make this vision a reality by deploying a number of interactive whiteboards and projectors, as well as the Verdict Plus Response System in the classrooms, bringing significant benefits to the learning and teaching process.

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City Blueprint by Hitachi

City Blueprint by Hitachi

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