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Hitachi in Oceania



Here we introduce our wide array of IT and security products, digital devices and parts, and power and industrial services.


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Hitachi manufacture a wide range of commercial and domestic air conditioners.

Industrial Equipment

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Hitachi offer a wide range of durable, efficient and high power industrial equipment.

Information Technology

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Hitachi responds to your business needs with high added-value solutions and our collective group strength.


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Hitachi Transport System Australia provides optimum Third Party Logistics (3PL) solutions using innovative technology and advanced information services, across Australia and around the globe.

Mining & Construction

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Hitachi has a wide variety of equipment for various industry needs. Our machines provide a range of types and sizes that suits various tasks. We are always seeking ways to use technology to create even more efficient and reliable machines.

Rail Projects

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Since its first steam locomotive in 1920, Hitachi has delivered award-winning "A-trains" within Japan; Commuter service trains throughout USA, Brazil and Indonesia; High-speed "Shinkansen" (or bullet) trains reaching maximum speeds of 300km/h; and Tilt-trains whose active tilt control mechanism allow faster and more comfortable cornering speeds.

Social Infrastructure

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Hitachi has contributed to social infrastructure development through innovative energy efficient products and technologies and integrated solutions that minimise enviromental impact and promote harmonius coexistence between industry and communities.

Water Treatment

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Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd. is dedicated to protecting and improving the environment, as a total plant engineering company, specialising in the field of water treatment.