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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Oil & Gas

Hitachi aims to provide a one-stop-shop to oil & gas clients supplying products and solutions to meet client's needs across the entire value chain, from upstream through to downstream.

Features of our Solution for Oil and Gas Business

  1. Decreasing environmental footprint and maximising energy efficiency by utilising core technologies of the Hitachi Group.
  2. Decreasing Capex and Opex and reducing lead time system simplification and modularisation.

Figure: Features of solutions for oil and gas business

Upstream (Gas field)

CSG*1 associated water treatment system


  • Flexible operation with IT system
  • High efficient operation with intelligent control system
  • Eco friendly system (minimizing industrial wastes of mixed salt, ZLD)

System configuration

System configuration diagram

CSG: Coal Seam Gas
RO: Reverse Osmosis
ZLD: Zero Liquid Discharge

Midstream (Pipeline)

IT system (System-wide on-line network for informational control and Autonomous control system)


  • Remote monitoring and control for widely scattered facilities
  • Regular condition monitoring for pipeline (pressure, flow, temperature and so on) : ①
  • Failure detection for pipeline / facilities at earlier stage by unifying satellite photographs and operation data
  • Management of operation and maintenance by mobile terminal utilizing four dimensional GIS*4 : ②

System configuration

System configuration diagram

GIS: Geographic Information system

Downstream (LNG plant)

Motor driven LNG plant


  • Lower Capex, early cash and quick payback period
  • Simple modular expansion
  • Reduced Opex costs by simple, highly efficient operation
  • Environmental impact minimisation (reduced CO2 and noise emissions)

System configuration

System configuration diagram

NG: Natural Gas
LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas

Hitachi Group Technologies and Equipment Applied for Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil Field and Gas Field

  • Process compressor
  • Injection pump
  • Gas treatment facility
  • Oil / Gas associated water treatment system


  • Centrifugal compressor for gas pipeline

LNG Plant

  • Generator
  • Substation
  • Inverter
  • Motor
  • Process compressor

IT System

  • ROS*7
  • DCS


  • RO desalination system unit
  • Process compressor
ROS: Remote Operation System
FLNG: Floating Liquefied Natural Gas
FPSO: Floating Production Storage and Offloading

Case Study

FEED*1 for LNG Plant

LNG Plant

Plant location:
Newcastle, Australia

Hitachi performed the FEED of the LNG plant with Toyo Engineering Corporation.

FEED: Front End Engineering Design


Shipboard plant

Plant location:
Offshore of Brazil

Our scope of work:
Supplying RO desalination system unit and process compressor which are capable of being operated on board.

The RO unit desalinates sea water. Desalinated water is used for make-up water.

The process compressor pressurises cure oil for gas separation.

Corporate / Office Profile

Corporate / Office Profile
Corporate / Office Name Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd
Address Suite 801, Level 8, 123, Epping Road, North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia
Tel +61 2 9888 4100 or 1800 HITACHI
Fax +61 2 9888 4188