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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Vacuum Cleaner Product FAQs

  • Why is the suction power of the vacuum cleaner weak?

    The weak suction could be due to the following reasons:

    • The vacuum hose could be blocked by dust, hair or other small objects collected over time which got stuck. Please remove them.
    • The vacuum head could be blocked by collected dust, hair, or other objects. Please remove them.
    • The vacuum box could be full, kindly empty and clean them.
    • The filter could be blocked by collected dust, kindly clean them.
  • What is the difference between a bagless vacuum cleaner and a vacuum cleaner that uses a bag?

    Bagless vacuum cleaner:

    • Dust is collected in the dust box, so as to save the trouble and cost of buying a disposable paper bag, and is environmentally friendly.
    • The dust collected can be thrown away at anytime to prevent bad odor from developing.
    • Keep the dust box and filter in good condition in order to maintain good suction of the machine.

    Vacuum cleaner using bag:

    • Empty the bag when it is full, which is much cleaner and easier.
    • Will result in additional costs in purchasing disposable bags.
    • Dust collected will be left in the vacuum over time and will smell due to humidity.
  • How do I maintain the bagless vacuum cleaner and its HEPA filter?
    • Kindly use the small brush to brush the dust box as well as the HEPA filters.
    • Shake off the dust at the B-filter and wash it.
    • Do ensure that the items are fully dry before reinstalling.
    • If items are used when not fully dry, it would result in future blockage as well as bad odor.