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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Refrigerator Product FAQs

After switching on the fridge, how long does it take for ice cubes to freeze?

In 1 ~ 2 days. The more frequent you open the fridge door, the longer it takes. Freezing time also depends on volume of water and types of liquid you want to freeze.

Can I put tea or juice into the water tank instead of water?

Put only drinking water or mineral water in the tank. The water tube may be clogged with pulps or tea leaves.

For new fridges, how long do I have to wait before switching on the power?

After 1~2 hours, if delivered in standing position. After 4~5 hours, if delivered in horizontal position.

How do I clean the "Water Dispenser" or "Ice Bank"?

Step 1:
Grasp the top of the ice bank with both hands, then lift it up and pull it towards yourself.

Step 2:
After removing the ice, wipe the ice bank with soft cloth, being careful to remove any water in or on the ice bank.

Step 3:
When installing the ice bank, be sure that there is no gap at the bottom of the ice bank.

How do I clean the water filter?
  • Step 1: Pull the case to remove it from the lid.
  • Step 2: Pull the tab to remove the water filter from the case.
  • Step 3: Use a soft sponge to clean the water filter.
How do I operate the Automatic Ice Maker?

Ice cubes can be made automatically and continuously simply by filling the tank with water.

How do I switch off the "Automatic Ice Maker"?

There is an on-off switch inside the refrigerator compartment.

How do I use the "Ice Dispenser" and "Water Dispenser"?

When using the "Ice Dispenser" or "Water Dispenser" for the first time, please discard the first 2 glasses of ice or water for cleaning purposes.

How long can food items last inside the fridge if electricity is cut off?

If you do not open the fridge door, the cooling retention for the freezer compartment can last approximately 12 hours even during power cuts.

How long will the "Vacuum Compartment" take effect?

~ 2 minutes after pressing the ‘Vacuum Compartment’ button at the front panel of the refrigerator. Time varies depending on the amount of food stored.

What is Inverter Dual Fan Cooling?

Two dedicated fans, one for refrigerator compartment, the another for freezer, independently cools each of their respective compartments to effectively circulate the cold air generated by a powerful inverter operation.

What is the function of the "Chillroom"?

It is use to store fresh meat for the maximum duration of 24 hours. Duration varies for other types of food.

What is the lifespan of Nano Titanium Filter?

It is maintenance free and does not require replacement.

What is the measurement allowance to install the refrigerator?

Ideally, provide enough space of at least 30cm over the top and 10cm at rear, and 5cm at both sides for proper air circulation.

What is the optimum temperature for the Freezer and Refrigerator compartment?
  • Freezer Compartment: -18°C to -22°C
  • Refrigerator Compartment: 1°C to 5°C
When do I use the aluminium tray inside the freezer compartment?

Use this compartment when freezing meat and/or fish quickly. Food must be wrapped with plastic film before placing it on the aluminium tray.

When should I use the energy saving mode?

It is recommended to use this function in the case of low volume storage, or during a long vacation when the fridge will not be opened for a long time. Not recommended for normal usage.

When should I use the quick freezing and quick cooling mode?

When you wish to freeze food like fish, meat or chicken in the shortest time to keep the freshness. This mode will function for 2 hours and will automatically return to normal setting condition afterwards.

Why does my fridge smell?

The smell comes from foods stored in the fridge, eg. fish, meat, cooked foods. To minimize the smell, store food stuff in a closed container and clean the fridge regularly. Also, it is normal for the fridge to smell if the fridge is switched off for a long time as the items stored inside returns to a warmer temperature, emitting the smell.

Why is the "ECO" mode light on?

When the compressor is operating in a stable condition, the "ECO" sign will be switched on. Should there be lesser door movements, automatic defrost will take place.