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Hitachi in Oceania

Home Appliances

Hitachi will keep supporting evolving lifestyles by providing products with quality. Hitachi also prioritises the production of environmentally-friendly products to support our customers' quality of life as well as the sustainability of society.

Air Conditioners

Through its extensive research and development, Hitachi has remained at the forefront of the air-conditioning industry with a wide range of models available in the market. New technological breakthroughs allow Hitachi to provide high quality, efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions. Get in touch with a fresh home atmosphere today with Hitachi Room Air Conditioners.

Hitachi Air Conditioning is currently being distributed into the Oceania region by Temperzone in Australia and New Zealand. Please visit their site for further information.


Hitachi manufactures a range of lighting products including fluorescent tubes which range from general household grade to specialised medical use and various other applications. We also manufacture a range of LED office lighting and fixtures. LED lighting replicates the same brightness levels as standard fluorescent lighting however offer vastly reduced power consumption and greatly increased life which adds up to massive savings in both electrical utilities and replacement bulb costs.

Home Appliances

Most home appliance products sold by Hitachi are no longer available in the Oceania market. The links below will allow you to access manuals or other relevant material to the selected product.