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Hitachi in Oceania

Life Sciences & Diagnostics

Hitachi recognises that healthcare is an essential part of social infrastructure to support human life in the 21st century and is striving to provide optimal healthcare at every stage of life and in every medical process. Life sciences organisations invest heavily in research and development to improve patient outcomes as well as business operations. Whether it be cost-effective storage solutions to support the accelerated data analysis and fast decision-making required in today’s data-intensive life sciences market or diagnostic and analytic solutions for the monitoring of long term conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, Hitachi’s Life Science solutions can help provide an answer.

Proton Beam Therapy System

Proton Beam Therapy System

Hitachi is currently developing an advanced Proton Beam Therapy System, working in cooperation with Hokkaido University. The new system combines the strength of the spot scanning irradiation technology from Hitachi with real-time tumor tracking technology developed by Hokkaido University from its experience in X-ray treatment. The new system is capable of accurately targeting tumors that have complex shape and structure and applying high-energy proton beams to them.

In 2008, it was used clinically for the first time in the U.S. by the MD Anderson Cancer Center. This technology can provide effective yet safer treatment to patients by minimising unnecessary irradiation. Proton beam therapies utilising Hitachi's spot scanning irradiation technology have also been increasing in Japan, starting with the Nagoya Proton Therapy Center.

Hitachi Proton Beam Therapy System is just one example in which Hitachi group companies have worked together to apply advanced technology in accelerators, irradiation, and control systems that they have developed over the years.

Corporate / Office Profile

Corporate / Office Profile
Corporate / Office Name Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd
Address Suite 801, Level 8, 123, Epping Road, North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia
Tel +61 2 9888 4100 or 1800 HITACHI
Fax +61 2 9888 4188