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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Result : Hitachi in the hands of the next generation


With their training complete, the new tradesmen from Skill Hire will head out into the workforce. Some will continue on with their host employer, some will start their own businesses, either way they start their careers with Hitachi Power Tools in their hands.

Andrew Shaw sums it up with "it gives you a really good feeling knowing that you've supplied them with a product that they're happy with and continuing to use to be successful in what they do."

In this video: Donald MacKenzie, Skill Hire CEO, discusses his choice to partner with Hitachi.(2min, 32s).

With the proven longevity of the Hitachi Tool range and the fact that they have been trained with these tools will ensure these next generation of tradesmen will keep Hitachi firmly in their hands.

Jackson Fleay, 2nd year carpentry apprentice

At Skill Hire they use mainly Hitachi because of their quality, reliability, and the trainers there, that's what they had in their tool kit, they want to stick with it, they know it's reliable.

Jackson Fleay, 2nd year carpentry apprentice

Skill Hire CEO Donald MacKenzie sees a bright future of the partnership. "We try and build relationships with all our customers and suppliers because for us that consistency is very important and as we expand then we will expand with Hitachi."

About Skill Hire

Established in 1992, Skill Hire is a privately owned Australian company which offers a variety of employment and staffing solutions for businesses. Originating in Albany with the training of unemployed people, Skill Hire is now one of the largest employers of building and construction apprentices in Western Australia.

  • Location: Perth, Western Australia

Donald MacKenzie CEO Skill Hire

Skill Hire specialise in the provision of induction and OHS staff training, supplying business with apprentices and trainees, and providing flexible staffing options for their clients from temporary to permanent employees. The business directly employs 150 staff to deliver a range of employment and training solutions to business and on any day will provide a flexible workforce of up to 1000 people to employers.

Hitachi Power Tool

The Hitachi Power Tool range is extensive, with a historical focus on innovation, constantly growing and adapting to all facets of the market, from industrial markets, to trade applications and DIY users. All products are manufactured with high standards of quality in design, material and workmanship, and through constant innovation to enable jobs to be safer, easier and less tiring. Hitachi Power Tools consistently offer high levels of quality, durability, operability and performance for all users.


On the next page, we will explain how Hitachi and Skill Hire are working on developing new ways to ensure our young apprentices have the best start in their careers.

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