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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Challenge: Tradesmen without tools. Equipping apprentices.


The federal government understands the need for apprentices to have the tools of their trade. In the past the government had a "tool voucher" scheme, where apprentices could buy certain tools without ever handling any money. Currently the scheme has changed where the apprentice receives a yearly allowance to support the costs of their training, purchases of relevant tools, and other costs associated with their Australian Apprenticeship.

In this video: The challenges of ensuring apprentices are equipped with the tools they need to succeed. (2min, 15s).

It's often found that apprentices choose to spend the government tool allowance on other activities rather than on their professional needs, thus graduating from their apprenticeship ill-equipped to enter the employment market. Hitachi recognise this and encourage apprentices to be mindful of the need to set themselves up for the future.

Liam Harrison, 2nd year carpentry apprentice

They get really hands-on with us and they'll actually come out and have a chat with us, see how we're going and if we have any questions they do care and they explain their life experiences with what we're experiencing on site.

Liam Harrison, 2nd year carpentry apprentice

Part of our involvement with Skill Hire is to help train or educate that it's necessary to have the proper tools for your trade when you leave.

Andrew Shaw, Hitachi Power Tools Australia

Andrew Shaw, Hitachi Power Tools Australia

On the next page, we will explain how Hitachi and Skill Hire are working on developing new ways to ensure our young apprentices have the best start in their careers.

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