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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Apprentices geared up for success. Skill Hire in Western Australia partners with Hitachi Power Tools Australia to train the builders of tomorrow.


Skill Hire specialise in the provision of induction and OHS staff training, supplying business with apprentices and trainees, and providing flexible staffing options for their clients from temporary to permanent employees. The business directly employs 150 staff to deliver a range of employment and training solutions to business and on any day will provide a flexible workforce of up to 1000 people to employers.

One of Skill Hire’s most rewarding services is providing complete accredited TAFE education through their training centre. It offers a unique program which provides young apprentices with basic training in a variety of trade skills and the use of work site tools and equipment, which in turn helps apprentices to gain lasting employment whilst also ensuring that Skill Hire clients receive competent and skilled apprentices.

Skill Hire Partners with Hitachi

Recognising the positive difference that the Skill Hire program has made to building and sustaining the next generation of skilled tradesmen, Hitachi partners with Skill Hire to provide a comprehensive range of the latest and most innovative trade tools and equipment for the training centre, as well as education and technical assistance on the use of the tools. Hitachi's Western Australian Sales Manager Andrew Shaw says, "if [the apprentices] ever want us there for education, presenting the products, safety, the proper way to use tools, then we are available".

View short video clips throughout this case study about Skill Hire and their partnership with Hitachi Power Tools Australia (3min, 4s).

With the trainers very familiar and supportive of Hitachi Power Tools, the apprentices not only get top notch training but an introduction into all the features and benefits of the entire range.

Challenge: Tradesmen without tools

Challenge: Tradesmen without tools

How to equip apprentices with the tools they need to succeed in the employment market.

Solution: Empowering the future

Solution: Empowering the future

Hitachi and Skill Hire are working on developing new ways to ensure young apprentices have the best start in their careers.

Result: Hitachi in the hands of the next generation

Result: Hitachi in the hands of the next generation

With their training complete, the new tradesmen from Skill Hire will head out into the workforce. Some will continue on with their host employer, some will start their own businesses, either way they start their careers with Hitachi power tools in their hands.

Our Customer

Perth, Western Australia

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. It has a growing population of approximately 1.7 million. Construction sector employment, particularly in housing construction, is a strong growth area.

Perth is located on the west coast of Australia.

Donald MacKenzie CEO Skill Hire

Skill Hire is now one of the largest employers for young apprentices in the state.

Donald MacKenzie
CEO, Skill Hire

On the next page, we will explain how Skill Hire has responded to some of the challenges faced by young apprentices.

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