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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Solution: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform for enterprise infrastructure


Hitachi developed a solution for CUA based on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and recently extended the solution to include Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) to underpin the institution’s enterprise infrastructure by replicating data to three locations with synchronous data replication. The key outcome of the datacentre and compute environment upgrade was an ability to replicate all its data securely and safeguard against disaster situations.

In fact, during the deployment, the widespread and devastating floods in Queensland provided a timely reminder of this requirement. Absolute simplicity from a replication and data integrity point of view was central to the transitionary process. In relocating its data to safe locations, two datacentres had to be moved over the course of 18 months. Because of the synchronous replication in place, as a result of the HCP solution, front end services were maintained during these transitions.

In this video: Karin Muller and David Gee explain CUA's choice to partner with Hitachi Data Systems. (1min, 43s).

Central to the upgrade process was the need for minimal disruption to customer services during the transition itself. With a promise to customers of 24/7 service availability, there was no room for error, according to Muller: "The solution was on budget and on time, with a planned 99.98% service availability. We managed our entire data centre transition within two planned six-hour periods of downtime on weekends. Given this was a major update to our core systems, it was an excellent feat of project delivery."

To properly test the three-location scenario, Hitachi worked at length with CUA to model disasters around business continuity and disaster recovery, throwing up some complex challenges along the way. "Naturally during the process, we experienced some unexpected challenges. The Hitachi guys were with us all the way, working through the night with us to make sure the project was on track and there were no unexpected effects on customer services," said Muller.

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