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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Challenge: Needed big-bank platform quality and power on a scalable model


In 2011 CUA undertook a broad analysis of its future growth strategy, during which it recognised a major gap in its information infrastructure in terms of both scale and flexibility. Having gained traction in the marketplace through its reputation and offerings, the institution required an upgrade of its datacentre systems to enable sustainable growth, analyse growing datasets and separate its business data from silos.

A comparatively small organisation in banking terms, the institution needed big-bank platform quality and power on a scalable model, so that it could continue to effectively compete with the 'big four' banks.

In this video: Karin Muller and David Gee discuss CUA's IT and data requirements. (1min, 20s).

According to Karin Muller, head of infrastructure services, CUA, the leap in capabilities they were aiming for was considerable: "We were carrying a system with a huge footprint which wasn't upgradable to anywhere near the magnitude we needed. Meanwhile, we didn't have the flexibility to add new services or collect any of the new unstructured data we had started creating. It has been a massive step in terms of enabling the business to achieve more."

In addition to improving service reliability, coping with more data and delivering system performance, CUA also wanted to create the ability to recall and interrogate data to comply with new banking requirements.

Following a closed tender process with the incumbent IBM, Hitachi Vantara (formerly known as Hitachi Data Systems) successfully responded to CUA's brief with the most credible platform and future roadmap. Offering to create a joint solutions roadmap, Hitachi Vantara was able to provide a longer term infrastructure strategy in line with CUA's business aims.

Karin Muller

Hitachi Vantara (formerly known as Hitachi Data Systems) "hit all the right notes in terms of technology capability, but the differentiator was the partnership approach. While other solutions didn't meet the mark, the engagement and responsiveness from Hitachi exceeded our expectations.

Karin Muller, head of infrastructure services at CUA

On the next page, we will explain how Hitachi developed a solution for CUA based on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform.

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