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Digital Presentation Solutions


A data projector for every purpose

We offer a comprehensive range of data projectors, designed to suit your space and projection needs. Whether it’s maximising screen size in a small room, limiting shadowing and glare or maximising image quality in a large space, we have a data projector for every purpose.

Interactive Ultimate Short Throw

picture: Interactive Projectors

A stand-alone interactive solution, this projector not only provides the shortest of throw distances, therefore limiting shadowing and eye glare, but also offers interactive operation. This allows a presenter to interact with the projected content using a supplied e-pen.

Ultimate Short Throw

picture: Ultimate Short Throw Projector

These projectors are ideal companions to interactive whiteboards such as the StarBoard, but also provide the ideal projection option for achieving up to a 100 inch image in even the smallest of rooms and meeting spaces.

Super Short Throw

picture: Super Short Throw Projector

These data projectors use their unique convex lens to produce large images from a relatively short distance meaning they are ideal for use with interactive devices but also in any scenario where a presenter may be situated close to the projected image.


picture: Portable LCD Data Projector

In some instances portability and not installation can be the priority. In these cases a projector from our portable range would be ideal. These data projectors offer a variety of brightness and resolution options, are lightweight and come with clever features such as wireless and pc-less modes.

Large Venue

picture: Large Venue LCD Data Projector

The large venue range of projectors feature excellent resolution, high brightness, advanced networking capability and a wide array of unique Hitachi projector functions, making them the perfect choice for large spaces.

Discontinued Products