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Page 7 - Hitachi Oceania Corporate Brochure 2016
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Social Innovation Business

In the 21st century, the need for basic necessities like housing, energy and
transportation has never been greater. Hitachi is committed to being the organisation
that countries, governments and industries rely on to help solve many of their
infrastructure problems both today and in the future.
Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business is anchored by the desire to identify issues from
customers’ perspectives, work on solutions together with customers as “One Hitachi” Transportation
and realise innovations by providing solutions that combine products, services and
highly sophisticated IT.
Through its Social Innovation Business, Hitachi aims to refne technologies and
develop new ones to meet tomorrow’s challenges, creating value that will last for future
generations. This means developing data centres capable of organising and storing
vast quantities of unstructured data and fnding more effcient ways to generate energy
and moderate its consumption.
It means providing heavy duty construction machinery equipment needed to build Energy
roads, factories and offce buildings and creating automotive technologies and mass
transportation systems that improve effciency while reducing the carbon footprint. The
goal of Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business is to drive innovation and “Inspire the Next”.

IT (Big Data) Security

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