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Page 3 - Hitachi Oceania Corporate Brochure 2016
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Message from the Managing Director

The Hitachi Group was founded in 1910 by Mr. Namihei Odaira, a Japanese electrical engineer who was
determined to produce original products and technologies in Japan. Over the years, Hitachi has continuously
delivered products and services that meet society’s demands and desires across a wide range of industries such as
Power Generation, Information and Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Systems, Transportation
Systems and the list goes on. While more than 100 years have passed, Mr. Odaira’s drive to innovate still permeates
Hitachi today, and the company can count many industry-changing products among its achievements.

In the Oceania region, Hitachi Group companies have celebrated over 50 years of continued growth and advancement,
dedicated to the development of products and services that contribute to environmental sustainability, responsible
productivity and Social Innovation.

Today, with Hitachi Group companies operating across Australia and New Zealand, bonded by our commitment to
Social Innovation, we continue to be a reliable partner and take a proactive role in bringing together the latest and
most advanced solutions to meet our customer’s demands. We invite you to partner with us in further developing
this region and experience the Hitachi Spirit embodied in the words: “Harmony, Sincerity and Pioneering Spirit”.

Hitoshi Ishihara
Managing Director
Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd.

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