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Hitachi Group
Sustainability Report 2015
Our Ongoing CSR Activities
Foundation for Promoting CSR Management
185–195 Performance Data & Assurance
Contents 06–24 The Hitachi Group and Sustainability 25–45 Innovation from 2015 to the Future Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR Management
With our Corporate Credo of contributing to society through the
As a global enterprise, we share society’s values and pursue sustainable growth by integrating
development of superior, original technology and products, we strive to
management strategies and CSR. For us, CSR is about making our Group Vision a reality.
realize a sustainable society by reflecting social and environmental
Our purpose is to contribute through innovation to both realising a safe, secure, comfortable
aspects of the expectations of global society with our management
through communication with stakeholders.
society and helping to tackle global challenges including resource and energy issues, population
concentration in cities, and other global environmental issues.
Hitachi Environmental
Innovation 2050
We strive to realise a sustainable society by properly understanding global social and environmental
Hitachi’s CSR Activities
expectations through communication with our stakeholders and integrating those expectations Low-carbon society
To realize the Hitachi Group Vision, which draws on our Corporate Credo and Founding Spirit
into our management: • Achieve 50% reductions in
that form the core of our CSR, we have been sharing throughout the Group our CSR policy, CO2  emissions by fscal 2030
• CSR and environmental initiatives that contribute to solving societal issues
created in 2005, as the basis of our CSR activities. Looking toward the next Mid-term and 80% reductions by fscal
• Governance that realises sustainable management
Management Plan that will start from fiscal 2016, we have shifted the CSR Policy to a 2050 across the value chain
framework based on ISO 26000 to further integrate management and CSR strategies. From (compared to fscal 2010)
• Communication that fosters mutual understanding with stakeholders
fiscal 2014, we have been further improving communications with our stakeholders to
recognize and fulfill our social responsibilities. We will also reinforce the PDCA cycle to ensure
CSR Management Framework Resource Effcient Society
execution of our activities and to improve the quality of our management.
To realise the Hitachi Group Vision, which draws on our corporate belief and Founding Spirit that • Build a society that uses water
form the core of our CSR, we have implemented our CSR policy as the basis of our CSR activities. and other resources effciently
CSR Management Framework
• Achieve 50% improvement in
usage effciency of water and
Properly recognise our social responsibility
other resources by fscal 2050
(compared to fscal 2010 in the
Hitachi Group)
1 Recognition of Social
Responsibility Harmonized Society with Nature
2 Organisational Governance • Minimize the impact on natural
3 Human Rights
4 Labor Practices capital
5 The Environment
6 Fair Operating Practices
7 Customers (Consumer
8 Community Involvement and
9 Review and Improvement of
CSR Activities
Review and Improve Identify, Prioritise, and Act
Confirm and enhance CSR Identify relevant issues,
activities through proactive establish priorities for
communication and addressing issues, and act on
stakeholder engagement them
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