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Ansaldo STS Australia Pty. Ltd.

Major Operations: Design and installation of advanced signalling and
integrated system solutions for metros, light rail, and passenger and freight

We provide engineering services, systems integration and turnkey project
delivery of signalling, communications and control systems for metro, light
rail, and passenger and freight railways, and have been providing solutions for
Australia’s passenger and freight rail operators since 1995.

Passenger rail solutions
Whether increasing the capacity of established inner city lines or developing
new solutions for fast-growing regional populations, our goal is to deliver
reliable, safe and sustainable systems for our clients that optimize performance
and increase service availability, and make rail travel simpler and easier for
their passengers. From track circuits to communications based train control
(CBTC), from high speed railways to driverless and conventional metro
systems, Ansaldo STS can provide the signalling solution required.
Freight rail solutions
Ansaldo STS has an established track record in the design and production
of a full range of signalling solutions and components and provides operation
and maintenance services for freight customers around the world. In Australia
we have made our mark in freight rail through the implementation of leading-
edge technologies such as the development of train management systems
to support the full automation of remote mining railways and signalling and
telecommunications systems that use satellite positioning to reduce network
infrastructure and maintenance requirements.

Michele Fracchiolla 3
Chairman, Ansaldo STS Australia
President, Freight Business Unit 1. Driverless systems for metro and
heavy haul rail
For more information, please contact:
2. Established track record in High Speed
Ansaldo STS Australia Pty. Ltd.
Satellite Freight at Roy Hill 3. Signalling and integrated system
19 +61 7 3868 9333 solutions for metro, light rail, and
passenger and freight railways
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