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Hitachi Consulting Australia Pty. Ltd.

Major Operations: Management Consulting, Technology Solutions,
Analytics, IT/OT, Outsourcing and Hitachi Global Convergence Services, drawing
on the broad capabilities of the Hitachi group of companies.
Hitachi Consulting brings world class expertise across all major platforms and
technologies. We help reduce cost and deliver proft-driving capabilities to our

Hitachi Consulting is the integrator in the company’s One Hitachi strategy. An
example is our capability in large infrastructure projects where products and
services from several Hitachi divisions come together as a solution in Smart City, 1
Healthcare, Agriculture and other projects. We enable the combination of over
100 years of Operational Technology experience with the experience of more
than 50 years of Information Technology, which qualifes Hitachi as a leading IoT

We are a certifed Global SAP Services Partner. As a division of Hitachi, Ltd.,
Hitachi Consulting is one of the largest SAP users and resellers in the world. As one of
just 9 Oracle Diamond Partners, Hitachi Consulting has deployed Oracle products
worldwide in more than 70 countries and employs over 2,400 trained professionals.
We are an internationally recognized Microsoft Global Partner and a recognized 2
leader in delivering solutions built on the Microsoft Platform.

With our locally-developed methodology and toolset, “Hitachi Process Intelligence”
we are a leading exponent of Digital Transformation services.”

With the heritage of our 100+ years Industrial and Engineering background, we are
uniquely-qualifed to apply IoT solutions to drive business value.

Gary Fisher 3
Country Manager, Hitachi Consulting Australia Pty. Ltd.
For more information, please contact:
1. Management Consulting
Hitachi Consulting Australia Pty. Ltd. 2. Technology Solutions
+61 (2) 9888 4127 3. Strategic Planning

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