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Page 10 - Hitachi Oceania Corporate Brochure 2016
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Digital Presentation Solutions
Projection Solutions
Whether it’s overcoming the challenges of projecting large images in smaller rooms, reducing shadow, or
eliminating eye glare, we have the projection solution to suit almost any requirement.

Interactive Solutions
Hitachi’s range of interactive products includes interactive projectors and LCD-LED backlit displays, which allows
you to combine and integrate stunning visuals.

Electronic Components
Vein ID Biometric Authentication
Hitachi’s Vein ID Biometric Authentication is one of the most advanced biometric identifcation technologies.
Hitachi’s Finger Vein attesting technology identifes fnger vein patterns that exist inside the human body,
eliminating tampering while increasing reliability and security.
Liquid Crystal Displays
Hitachi is a leading global developer and manufacturer of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD).
Hitachi manufactures a range of lighting products including LED offce lighting and fuorescent tubes which range
from general household grade to specialised medical use.
Industrial Products
Air Compressors
We offer reciprocating and screw type compressors in both oil free and oil fooded types and oil free scroll
Advanced Inkjet Printing Units
Hitachi offers advanced InkJet Printing units based on superior technology.
Electric Chain Hoists
Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists offer a wide selection of capacity, speed and power sources, designed for premium
quality, reliability and performance.
Inverter and Programmable Logic Controllers
This range refects broad industry experience and encompasses developments in program capacity, processing
speed, network compatibility, application commands and expansion potential.
Consumer Products
Hitachi’s consumer products are the perfect blend of modern technology and innovation. Our vision is to support
9 evolving lifestyles by providing high quality, well-designed and energy effcient refrigerators.
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