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Hitachi in Oceania: An Overview

Hitachi has 7 companies in Australia and 2 in New Zealand with a total revenue of AU$1.5B and employing Mining, Construction and Forestry
1,800 staff across the region: (Source: Hitachi Oceania Consolidated Financials 2016)

• Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd.
• Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
• Hitachi Data Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.
• Hitachi Power Tools Australia Pty. Ltd.
• Clarion Australia Pty. Ltd.
• Hitachi Consulting Australia Pty. Ltd.
• Ansaldo STS Australia Pty. Ltd.

• CablePrice (NZ) Ltd.
• Hitachi Data Systems New Zealand Pty. Ltd.

Hitachi has offces spread across all states and territories in Australia and across New Zealand which includes
a newly established Research & Development presence. With major shareholdings either directly or through
one of its group companies, Hitachi has gradually grown and has made signifcant contributions to the region Agriculture
over the last half century through its wide range of products and solutions.

The next pages provide a brief introduction to the various products and services Hitachi has to offer in
the region through the different group companies. For any further enquiries please contact the relevant
organisation via the details outlined in this brochure.

For additional information, please visit our website
LinkedIn: Hitachi - Oceania
Twitter: @Hitachi_ANZ
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